Saturday 17 December 2011

Colonial Militia for the Sudan

I bought these as an impulse buy when I won a couple of auctions on fleaBay. I always wander through a seller's other items on the off chance there will be something else of interest. I figure if I am already paying postage I might as well see what else I can snaffle up.

These figs went for a song, I suspect because they're a real mixture of colonial types from various theatres. I'm not too worried about that. I'm going to use them as a militia unit raised from troops on sick pay, dock workers, porters and servants. They've been equipped with old red coats that were no longer fit for use after regiments arriving from the North West Frontier and elsewhere in the Empire switched to khaki or grey.

Most of the unit facings have been stripped off and the troops have been told to keep the rest of whatever clothing and equipment they could provide for themselves. The commander is a junior commissary officer who would most likely rather be elsewhere!

Next up is a few other odds and sods before I start on my pile of Mahdists...


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