Saturday 26 May 2012

A Plug for the Gruntz 15mm Sci-fi Barracks Tool

Hi Folks,

Just a quick plug for the Gruntz 15mm Sci-fi "Barracks" profile card builder tool. This is a really neat idea for knocking up unit profile cards for a cracking game which is soon to get a much anticipated updated version of the rules.

The Barracks tool is being crowd funded on Indiegogo so pop over and check it out. The Gruntz rules and Barracks tool are an absolute bargain for the price considering what a great game it is.

Development screen shot from the Mac version. PC also available at the time of release
Nug and I have played a few games of Gruntz now and we absolutely love it. Check out the AAR of our latest game here if you're interested.


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