Sunday 10 June 2012

Flames of War Desert Defences

We've got a large Flames of War desert game on tomorrow - 4,000pts per side in Mid War North Africa.

We're pitting two Commonwealth infantry companies in defence (British Guards Motor and Aussie Rifle) against two German infantry companies in attack (DAK Panzergrenadiers x 2). The game is sort of a prelude to Second Alamein, where the Commonwealth forces have just been driven back to the last line of defence.

The scenario is a Trench Fight and for that we need a network of defences - trenches, minefields, barbed wire and gun pits. I've spent the last week and a bit beavering away producing a pile of suitable terrain and here it is. All of it is hand made, even the mines and barbed wire.

For those who are interested, total cost was something like $80 Aussie. In terms of "entertaining stats" I went through about 40m of wire, 50 tubes of super glue, 6m of timber quadrant and half a kilo of sand to name just some of the ingredients.

Mr Millsy aka "Spare Hand One" was a great help holding the other end of the barbed wire while I cranked my hand drill to give the appropriate twist. Is there nothing a good Aussie girl can't do???

Plenty more pics to follow tomorrow when the table is loaded up with figs and more terrain.


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