Monday 18 September 2017

Peking - The British Legation

Back on the tools this weekend and tonight, building the first of the buildings for the Legation Quarter proper, in this case the British Legation. I might have gone a bit OTT with the height of this but then again maybe not. It just looks BIG on it's own. I guess I won't really know until things are assembled around it which should help to put it in perspective.

The structure is built in three parts for storage and transport but also so I can use it without the second additional floor if desired. Windows are Warbases laser-cut frames and the sill above and below scrap MDF from a big-ole-bag-o-crap I was gifted by a trader a while back.

I've started work on the gatehouse and will move on to the hospital and walls next.



  1. Terrific looking model building. All that's missing is a David Niven figure in appropriate suit with an escort of Royal Marines!

  2. Great job, love the windows!

  3. Really nicely done\
    Looking forward to seeing the whole game come together

  4. Looking mighty fine a Millsy

  5. We're gonna need a bigger box...

    I didn't see this the other day! You HAVE been busy!

  6. Lovely building , very nice!
    Best Iain

  7. Can I ask what you used for the roof tiles?

    1. They're an adhesive 00 scale model railway product. I'm afraid I can't remember the manufacturer though.


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