Sunday 10 September 2017

Peking Legation Forces - US Marines and Betsy

I figured it was about time I did some work on the Legation Forces for my Boxer Rebellion project so I made a start with some of the obvious ones - the US Marines and and the artillery in the form of 'Betsy' as she was called by the Americans (a.k.a. the International Gun).

Ably led in the film by Charlton Heston, the US Marines stalwartly resisted all efforts to dislodge them despite seemingly overwhelming odds.

I've taken a little licence with the uniforms. The webbing should really be black but it just didn't look right so I've gone with a natural leather look instead.

'Betsy' a.k.a. The International Gun, was a makeshift artillery piece assembled by the defenders and served by a variety of troops. In the film it eventually bursts and kills some of the crew. I can see similar things happening on the table...

Next up some more buildings I think.



  1. Great diversity of the poses and beautiful painting, lovely group!

  2. Great work!

    Congratulations on this project.

    Good game

  3. Very cool work and tribute to a wonderful movie!

  4. Fantastic stuff mate - cant wait to see everything come together on the table!

  5. They look great. The colour palette works well.

  6. Nice work, Chuck looks great and so does the makeshift artillery piece!
    Best Iain

  7. Excellent! I like the natural leather for the webbing as well. Good choice.


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