Wednesday 8 May 2013

Dark Age thatched church part III - complete!

Right, that's the church complete then! I've decided I'm going to hang off any further dry brushing till I've had a chance to look at it in natural daylight. The door has been painted (one day I'll learn how to paint decent wood grain but not tonight apparently) and the landscaping done.

The local clergy seem pretty happy with the situation, already soliciting donations which of course will only be RESTING in the bishop's account...

Apologies for the quality of the pics. It's late and I can't be @rsed faffing about with the camera. There is a fair bit more depth to the walls and stonework in reality but the flash has killed a lot of it here...

Many thanks to everyone who suggested options for a stone cross. I've got a couple of ideas now and will test them out over the next week or two. Coming up, a long house and a couple of crude huts.



  1. I stand by my previous assertion that you are possessed of arcane powers.

    Looks brilliant, well done sir!

  2. Looks great. When will see it in action?

  3. Cracking job Millsy, really nice... Where are the windows from?... My biggest pain when scratch-building is bloody windows so these would be ideal.

    All the best


  4. This is very nice. And you're right, natural light makes such a difference when you get down to fine tuning a piece.

  5. Superb terrain piece. Great seeing it from start to finish. Definitely will complement any scenario. Best, Dean

  6. What a triumph my good man, I've thoroughly enjoyed watching its progress - jolly well done.

  7. Thanks everyone for the positive reviews! I've had a great time sharing it with everyone.

    @Steve - they are old GW plastics my mate gave me. No idea what they are from but I had to prune off a LOT of silly skulls before they were worth using. If I hadn't had them lying about I'd have probably bought some from Antenociti's Workshop. These ones are lovely -

    @Caliban - not sure mate. My SAGA buddy Nug is painting his stuff at present and I hate posting pics of unpainted minis in games. I know it doesn't really matter but it's a pet hate of mine. I'm also about to rebase a bunch of my stuff on 25mm rounds to match. Soon though!

  8. Excellent stuff and in double quick time too!

  9. Greate work !!!

    See that you used some of the same old mordheim bit that I use on my church :)

    Best regards Michael


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