Thursday 23 May 2013

Dark age village project progress

I've made some pretty solid progress over the last couple of nights. The long hall, huts and wattle enclosures on the workbench have all been completed. I've also finished a small well and re-based a fair chunk of my Anglo-Danish SAGA warband to boot.

First up the long hall. I'm generally pretty happy with how it came out. The colour on the stone work is a bit flat, especially in the photos so I might do a bit more with that later on.

The thatched huts I am more than happy with. Quick, simple to make and they really look the part.

The wattle enclosures have also come out OK. Looking at them critically I could probably have added a few more posts and used a slightly thinner wire for the wattle but they'll more than do. Once there are some cattle and other things around them I won't notice their faults. As for the well, what more can you ask of a pile of rocks with a hole in the middle? ;-)

Finally, here's a shot of a large chunk of the warband - warlord, some hearthguard and two lots of warriors. The figs are a real mix of manufacturers, many of which I've had for a loooooooooooong time.

And that's it. I'm about to re-base my cattle, some clergy and members of the general public, plus make some clutter for the village as well. Thanks to all who chipped in with ideas!



  1. This is excellent stuff - although we've come to expect no less!

    1. Thanks mate. Can't wait to get you over here for dinner and a game or two!

  2. Great work on this terrain, Millsy. I'm too bloody lazy to do this stuff myself and end up paying an arm and a leg for retail models. Oh well, that's what a job is for, I guess...


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