Sunday 5 May 2013

Dark Age thatched church

I saw a resin thatched church on another blog just recently which I really liked. I've got a bunch of ecclesiastical figures already painted and want to do some monastery raid style scenarios for SAGA so I thought I'd have a go at making my own church. It's also a great way to avoid painting... ;-)

The construction method is the same as the barn I completed recently - (mostly) foam core, card and balsa on an MDF base. I've thrown in a bunch of plastic windows and an arched door from the Company That Shall Not Be Named rather than make my own. At some effort I managed to remove all but two of the 497 ridiculous skulls that adorned the otherwise these quite nice sculpts.

Here are some in progress pics. First fix...

Second fix...

Not that happy with the arch. Too medieval but it will do...

Lock up and the painters are on the way...

Today I got the thatching and basing done and everything has a blast of black primer. Painting can begin in earnest later in the week.

Before I sign off, welcome to all who have come on board through the recent membership drive - Phil, Anne, Ubique Matt, scotty, Anibal Invictus, Monty, DeanM, 15mm25mm and tomw. If I've missed anyone sincere apologies. 83 now and counting. We'll make the magic 100 yet!



  1. Excellent work as usual - I can't wait to see the finished article!

  2. That's looking great. Look forward to seeing the finished build!

  3. Coming along very nicely. The roof looks good. Best, Dean

  4. Thank you for the warm welcome.

    This is a nice bit of building here and I look forward to seeing the finished product.

  5. Good start mate, looking forward to seeing it finished.

  6. Very nice looking model. interesting to see different methods of creating the thatching.



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