Wednesday 5 January 2011

Epic Armageddon Necron Army

One last quick post on Epic before I move onto other stuff. Here's some images of the whole force as it stands. Remember to click for larger versions of the images.

Necron Infantry Phalanxes
5 units of these, each comprised of a Necron Lord, 6 stands of Necrons, 3 stands of Immortals, 1 stand of Pariahs and 3 stands of Tomb Spiders. These are Dark Realm Andrayadas apart from the Tomb Spiders which are 40K Scarabs.

Flayed Ones
2 units of these, each of 6 stands.These are also Dark Realm Kraytonian Ketzali.

2 units of these, each of 6 stands. These are also Dark Realm Andrayadas.

4 units of these, 2 as ordinary or heavy and 2 as mixed. Each is 6 stands. These are also Dark Realm Andrayadas.

2 units of these, each of 6 stands. These are a copy of a single master made from a very old toy.

6 stands which I typically play as individual units. These are plastic crystals glued together and then painted. Until I can make a decent proxy Monolith these will do. To be honest I kind of like em...

War Machines
A pylon on the left and an Aeonic Orb on the right, both scratch built as I explained here...

My C'Tan and Supreme Army Commander when fielded. This is a Reaper Miniatures 28mm figure.

And finally the whole army together. Too much to play at once except in REALLY large games. 5,000 points is roughly 2/3 of this force.

Happy to answer questions and accept comments ;-)


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  1. That's a mighty fine lookin' Necron army you've assembled there. I wonder how my guardsmen or 'nids would fare against them...


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