Sunday 2 January 2011

Ney and friends...

Happy New Year all from the lads at Canister & Grape. My New Year's resolutions included not buying any more figs until I've painted some more stuff. Like all good plans that won't survive contact with the enemy ;-)

Another update for my 15mm French Napoleonic force for CANCON. Apologies for the somewhat continuous stream of Nappy stuff but I'm on a tight schedule and no other bugger can be bothered posting (hint, hint!)

Se here's Marechal Michel Ney, Duc d'Elchingen, Prince de la Moskowa, le Brave des Braves...

To support the great man we have the 2nd Dutch Hussars, which along with the 2nd Dutch Cuirassiers were attached to Ney's VI Corps at Friedland in 1807. Elite company in white colpacks? Nice!

And also horse artillery of the line for my expanding reserve cavalry brigade of dragoons and guns.

Last on the painting table for CANCON is four battalions of French line in greatcoats to complete my second infantry division. From there I'll have to wait until I can get to the con to pick up some mroe stuff from Nic at Eureka.

In the meantime I'm planning something different - a little side project in 15mm sci-fi using Ground Zero Games stuff. Before I can do that I have to wait for my painted Undead Bloodbowl Team on eBay to sell.



  1. Very interested in your SCI-FI project. Have you got plans for the kind of forces you are going to field? The Kravak Grav tanks are great fun to field.

  2. At present I'm still working that out to an extent. I'm going with something along the lines of a "standard" force being a mech infantry platoon with support of recon and armour. Total vehicles will be in the order of 8-12 and infantry 30-50 figs. There will be other "forces" though, in particular Khurasan Miniatures xenomorphs are a sure starter...


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