Tuesday 4 January 2011

Necron War Machines for Epic Armageddon

Russ and I are playing a 5,000 point game of Epic Armageddon tomorrow. I've got a Necron force but the problem with the Necrons is that they were never an "official" list and VERY few models were produced. Those that were produced were the old style warriors and a few bigger bots thrown in amongst other stuff on a small sprue of official forces. Collecting a decent sized force of them is almost impossible and also prohibitively expensive.

Consequently my Necrons are made up of Dark Realm Miniatures Andrayadas for the infantry. The Tomb Spiders are W40K Scarabs. The remainder of the larger items like Obelisks, Monoliths, etc are all scratch built / pillaged numbers. To date that was where I stopped but I decided this morning to put together an Aeonic Orb and a Pylon as I invariably get hurt badly for lack or ranged attacks.

Here they are in their unpainted form. Remember to click for bigger versions...

Aeonic Orb
Made up of a pizza tray widget (the thing that stops the pizza box collapsing), a plastic funnel from a child's toy and a few scraps of plasticard. Once the painting is complete I'll glue in a suitably nice looking glass marble for the orb. I may paint the marble but that depends on how it looks. If it is sufficiently "orbish" I'll leave as is. BTW, I know it is meant to be a skimmer ;-)

Made from two office desk cable management gadgets (which amazingly glue with liquid poly, winner!), an iced lolly stick thingy, the gun from a W40K Necron Destroyer and more plasticard. This will have the green translucent rods fitted after painting and possibly a big crystal in the end of the gun.

Check back soon for pics of the painted versions and possibly even some shots of the full army and a battle report. If you're lucky...


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